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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home made snow globes

I have to get a picture of one my girls have but its easy and super cute. They made them at girlscouts the other day....

all you need
babyfood jar (or any jar with a lid you like)
clay (or something that can be used to hold your decoration to the lid)
decoration (they used little christmas bears ceramic i thing)

just stick the decoration on the inside of the lid with the clay, add water, glitter and glyserin. place lid on and shake. very simple and cute


Monday, December 5, 2011

Slow yet busy

Thing's have been rather slow here yet so busy at the same time.. Even the mail freebies/sample's are not coming in at usual pace lol.. I have not posted much on coupon/sale deal's cause the things I usualy buy im not ready to get more off have a nice stash. I am however posting as frequently as I can while also gearing up for the holiday.


Thursday, December 1, 2011


Make sure you check out HYDRIVE Energy on facebook. I found out about them threw facebook when they were sending out free stickers so i "liked" them and got the sticker and put it on my ridding helmet (quad) they recently had a photo contest that ended today and i was one of the winners, i should get the package in about a week will post pictures when i get it... great company, great products. im so excited hehe... best part of it all that really made my day was the end of the email saying " P.S. Rockout on that QUAD! the ladies here at HYDRIVE think thats sweet!"!/HYDRIVE


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


fancy feast is giving away 7,000 christmas orniments a day untill december 2nd, great freebie. pretty sure the giveaway starts daily at 9am eastern time.. i got mine this morning :)


Busy Busy

Sorry I have not been posting. With the holidays and working on the christmas float ive been super busy. Thanksgiving went great, and the christmas parade on sunday was awesome, float came out perfect and the girls loved it.. Best of all allmost everything on the float was handmade (except for the tree and the trailer lol)


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have been offered a chance to review a website called . When arriving on the site I was allready interested, since I enjoy online coupon code's as well. So I started browsing the site with the "how it works" tab. On that tap they have a video that explains perfectly how the site work's, and it's very simple anyone could do it.

After watching the video I right away wanted to look for coupon code's for store's I like to shop online from. I typed the store name's in the search bar and there were multiple code's to be redeemed at the site's I entered (there is also a list of store's). On each code there is areas for comment's were users of the site add in if the coupon code worked for them and the date, I found that super helpful.

Next I took a look at the "pays to share" tab, I am very interested in this option. First you sign up for the program, then you upload coupon codes you find and coupon cheif pays you 2% of the sale every time that coupon is used.

The website also has a blog and that is the next spot I looked threw while browsing the site. The blog is updated frequently with new deal's from different website's/store's. I find this to be very useful as well cause it give's you a look at store's you may have over looked at first.

Over all I think the site is great. Not only can you save money with the coupon codes but you can earn money adding codes you find. Its genius!! I know I am going to be adding this website to my list of coupon site's. It's a very user friendly website as well.

My final note on the website is simple Check It Out For Yourself!!!!!!!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rite Aid Trip

Missing from the picture is the 4 candies the kids picked and one colgate toothpaste.

transaction 1
1 kerri lotion $6.99 and get $6 up
1 stay free pads $3.00 - $1 coupon $2.00, $2.00 up
1 colgate toothpaste $3 and some change but the up made it free
paid 12.49 for that transaction

transaction 2
4 orajel toddler tooth paste bogo at 4.49 so i paid 8.98
2 candies $4 i used my %10 off non sale item's i had
used the ups from transaction 1 paid $1.90

did a 3rd transaction since i was $1 away from getting the $5 up on the orajel offer got 2 more paid $4.49 to get the $5 off so it was like getting those 2 free. i have $5 to use next time. wasnt the best i could have done on this trip since i didnt have as many coupons as i would have liked to but i still liked the results spent $18.88 for around $45 worth of product's, and now i dont have to worry about kids toothpaste for awhile. and i still have that $5 us to use next time :) (so for those who would include that unused up i spent $13.88 but i dont count it that way i go by actual money spent)


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mail Call

Pictured is yesterday's mail, I did not get a chance to post it. Kleanex coupon's and inside the thing in 2 tissue sample's lol.. Then I got another package with a small box of kleanex tissues both pictured...

Today's mail I didnt take a picture of yet, but just got a sample of playtex tampon's. as well as this weeks local store insert's.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mail Call

Today Mail Call is only for one item. Got my cottonelle toilet paper cover today. Won it free threw their facebook page. Tho that contest is now over, took me a week to actually win it in the game lol.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mail Call

Today's Mail Call Include's.... Tom's of Maine sample of children's silly strawberry toothpaste, as well as this week's sale flyer's from local store's. Going to browse those for good deal's now.


Downy Coupon Book

$10 downy coupon book request yours today its free


Monday, October 31, 2011

Mail Call

Today's Mail Call included. Splenda sample's and coupons, turkey hill coupon's, as well and a sample of disney vitamin's that had a $2 coupon with it :) other then that it has been slow around here. got out p&g coupon's on sunday..


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mail Call

Just got the mail delivered to my door lol (if you know my house the mail box is at the road and unless there is a package the mail man never brings it to the door cause the driveway is long). Today's mail included Maybeline mascara i ordered from target the other day for 6cent's, yup just paid the tax on it after a discount code woohoo. Also delivered today was a sample of downy unstopables, im curious to try that out.


Dollar General

head on down to dollar general to find some great deal's, but once they are gone they are gone. They are offering all summer item's on clearance for 10cents. I went to my local DG got a few decoration's since they didn't have much left, but i have seen some people from other area's score sun screen and stuff for this price, so you never know what you will find I think it's worth taking a look. :)


Friday, October 7, 2011

Few Things One Post

So I like the way my hair came out. Black is a new color for me, odd I havent done it yet seeing as I have tryed all the color's it seem's, even some funky ones like blue haha. But I really enjoy the black other then having some dye on my face lmao and probably my neck as well but I cant see that...

Also while at Walmart yesterday I looked for the all you magazine and realized the girlscout fundraiser price is great seeing as to buy it at the store it's a little over $2 an issue, then its $20 ish to get a subscription threw their website for one year.. so im excited about this a good deal on a magazine that will get me more good deals due to coupon's lol


Thursday, October 6, 2011

walmart trip

Got a few thing's for free today here they are

the herbal essence hair dye (currrently dyeing my hair black as i type lol)
dove travel size
axe travel size
and 2 reach toothbrushes from a coupon i printed from walmart for designing a toothbrush contest for doing so you got a $2 off coupon and i found a 2 pack on clearance,

that was it for the freebies but i got a great deal on catfood with coupons and a few other things needed for the house. no hassle over coupons at all so it was a good trip


New Giant Eagle Policy Start's 10/6/11

found this online and wanted to pass it on. These changes might be huge to some people, but I know me personally they dont change much for me and the way I shop at the store. Here it is,

eOffers and manufacturer’s coupons will no longer be able to be combined.
This policy change will cut down on the Proctor and Gamble deals. Make sure that you remove the eOffers from your card after Thursday if you have a higher value manufacturer coupon. If eOffers are on your card, they will be applied first even if you have a higher value manufacturer coupon in your hand.

A maximum of two like internet printed coupons will be accepted.
Most sites only allow 2 prints of each coupon per computer so this is not a big deal for those people that only use 2 printed coupons. Those people that have multiple computers will have an issue with this max being placed on them.

The maximum of 12 like manufacturer coupons per shopping trip will no longer be per shopping trip.
The limit will be applied over a 24 hour period and will be tracked via your Giant Eagle Advantage card.

going to walmart today

im heading out to walmart today to get a few things since I have to go out that way anyway. going to see if I can get the free hair dye there, as well as some travel size items free :) hopefully this goes well. I am bringing my copy of the coupon policy with me since allot of the times there I get hassle with the cashiers when its not due. also going to bring my binder just incase there is a good clearance deal as walmart usualy has... Tho its a pretty simple policy compared to the stores im used to its the only store I seem to get hassle at most often, but im ready for it lol.. Will post my score when I get back wont be untill later on today tho.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rite Aid

SO I think I did pretty good today. I spent about $19 and some change but I got a few thing's I didnt plan on getting that I wanted. I SHOULD HAVE SPENT $59.84. Thanks to +up reward's and coupon's I got a great deal today.

transaction 1
4 covergirl face make up item's
1 cover girl eyeliner
1 scope mouthwash
spent $17and some change

transaction 2
2 dove conditioners
1 suave conditioner
1 suave shampoo
1 dove body wash
1 dove deoderant
spent oop .77 cents

transaction 3
2 resuable bags (cute ones lol)
2 candys for the kids
spent oop .74 cent's

and I still left with a $2.50 + up to use next time.


Monday, October 3, 2011


ugh no wonder I take a few day's to plan a shopping trip. Im constantly changing it to get the best bang for my buck on item's i need... So I started planning my wed. rite aid trip and i think i have the best possible outcome planned for the item's i want to get. here is the list so far

Transaction one will be
$30 worth of cover girl make up (included in the p&g spend 30 get $10 up)
1 scope blast mouth wash.
should spend $16.50 out of pocket, and get $12.50 back in +up's to use on transaction 2.

Transaction 2
1 dove deoderant
1 dove shampoo
1 dove conditioner
1 dove body wash
1 oral b 3d white battery operated toothbrush.
should spend .97 oop .
will get back $5 up from the dove offer, then a $2.99 single check rebate on the toothbrush.

This will be my first time getting the single check rebate so im interested in seeing how that works out for me. toothbrush is free after that so it caught my attention haha.

Hopefully i planned this correctly lol.



My daughter is selling magazines for girls scouts. and I can email the information to order if anyone is interested. I have noticed a ton of amazing deal's on magazines. But my FAV one is the 2 year's of All You for $30. If you do not know All You is known for coupon's. So I wanted to post this for my friend's who read my blog since I am no longer using facebook to get ahold of you that way. You can order the mag's online and they mail to you directly since its a subscription and your purchase will also help support the girl scout's... (local friend's if your interested we are selling nuts/candies as well but that is local only since we collect the money and deliver them). These are running threw till october 16th. If your interested get ahold of me I will email you the mag thing direct threw the girl scout site..

Yes I will be ordering the All You for myself especially since I can not buy it locally since only walmart sells it and I never get there often and when im there i forget to pick it up... but with this subscription I will save a ton compared to buying it at the store as well as saving on gas of going to get it since its a 15 minute ride to walmart for me..


Saturday, October 1, 2011

cleaned out the coupon binder

so I slacked on taking out old coupons since I have been getting papers with no coupons grrrrr. but I cleaned it out and clipped some I had sitting here waiting. in doing this
I found 12 more coupon's for reach toothbrushes 6 kids 6 regular.. So right now im planning a trip down to the store to get more since they are free but I personally dont need more for my stock (unless they have girly kid ones) so im going to give them to people I know who need item's, and if they dont need them probably donate them to a church or some other organization who could find a needing family for those things.


Friday, September 30, 2011

I did well

So I went to giant eagle yesterday to get the item's I posted about. I was able to get everything there except the hair dye they had it but it cost more then the value up to on the free coupon so im going to take that to walmart and use it there (free-up to 7.99 it cost 8.99) still would have been a cheap buy but why pay when it should be free lol. rite aid also had it for the same price, i know walmart will be allot cheaper for it so next time im out twards there I will get it unless I see it onsale somewhere closer.

so heres my Giant Eagle trip

2 gold peak tea (the large bottles)
7 reach toothbrush (6 kids 1 adult)
2 international delight french vanilla creamers
total oop cost- $1.80
total coupon savings- $12.20
total sale savings- $13.31

I think it was a great trip only have to pay for the creamer and tea. the toothbrushes were all free onsale 10-$10 had $1 off coupons for those. I was able to get my son a bunch of batman toothbrushes tho they were sold out on the barbi ones maybe next time (its hard to get kid toothbrushes here when onsale) i thought they were all sold out since the shelf was cleared allready when I got there and only a few hours since the store opened on the first day of sale. then I was walking to the register and noticed a cart/tray of cheap things so I looked and found a ton of the kids toothbrushes I bought the amount I wanted and there was still plenty left for other customers.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

small trip to giant eagle

So it seem's i had a nice stock of tooth brushes but im allways giving them away to friend's/family who need them. So im heading down to restock on those today, Reach toothbrushes you can get free this week. on sale $1 and there is a $1 off coupon i have. Also going to pick up some Gold Peak tea i usualy make my own but this is a brand i like and im getting them for .50 so im going to pick up 2. thers is a .75 fb printable on those at they double at G.E. also getting some coffee creamer International delight will be .40 after the .55 coupon doubling. im getting 2 of those.


edit to add
also going to see if they accept the free box of garnier hair dye coupon i have looks like a printed one but it was sent in the mail so i think they will take it. if not heading to rite aid for that. i was one of the lucky ones to get this coupon threw a facebook offer they once ran

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fun with duct tape

So as the assistant leader to my daughter's girl's scout troop, I am allways thinking of new activities for the girl's to do that they will love. My friend's daughter loves to make item's out of duct tape, from purses to ring's she make's great thing's. So I asked if she would be willing to come to a meeting and show the Daisy Scout's how to make something. She came in on sunday and showed them how to make a purse. The girl's LOVED it and our leader is going to send the picture of the girl's and their purses to the local newspaper to get it published. It was a easy and fun project. As soon as i send the picture from my phone to computer I will upload it here.

I am going to buy some supplies to make this at home with the kid's, not just purses but anything we can think of to make. It is so much fun. My friend's daughter made the basic part with the "ugly" duct tape (regular kind). and the leader supplied the colored duct tape that the girls used to decorate and create their purses.

Great project if you love to make things like we do.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Freezing Away

So if you do not know this time of year I love to freeze allot of thing's. Currenly I am finish up 10 dozen corn. Did 7 allready just 3 to go on top of the 2 I did a few week's ago.. It's alot of work but very much worth it in the winter when we cannot buy corn from the local farm we go to. They have the best corn EVER lol (himmel farm, carrolltown). This also saves allot of money insted of buying it at the store as long as you buy on a day the price is low..

I'm also hoping we find a you pick apple place for girl's scouts to bring the girls to so I can get some to turn into apple sauce and can. (I am the assistant leader of my daughters Daisy troop)..

Does anyone have any similar things they do? be it to have a product you love year round, save money, enjoy the process. If so what do you do and why?


Disney vitimin sample

free sample hurry over and request yours


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Playtex Sport Tampon's Sample Pack

FREEBIE with coupon's

you will get 3 tampon's and a coupon for $1.00 off. 1 sample pack per household


wow just realized i have been slacking on posting here. so sorry. With school starting in august I have finally go used to the scedual lol. oldest off to school ay 7:45 middle off to prek at 12:30 and just me and the little man for a few hours. Im going to post some freebies I find today :)


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hosted a tattoo party

well as we allready know im allways looking for a good deal, and i love tattoo's as well. so i contacted a local artist to see if he did tattoo parties. Well he did and offered a discount for hosting the party. %15 of each tattoo. I only had a few guests get tattoo's but still ended up getting a $120 tattoo for $75 (pic to come soon) as well as a touch up on another tattoo he did, and my husband got Her tattooed on his ring finger and i got His on mine. Everyones tattoos came out amazing. local artist is Tattoo Tom..


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Great Week for getting money!!!

Monday I got the $15 up's from rite aid they were sending me that did not print out on an offer I did. And today I got my $10 prepaid visa from the P&G deal awhile back that giant eagle was offering. I just love it when there is something nice like this in the mail, its like christmas haha. Just wanted to share with everyone since I have not been posting much..


Sunday, July 31, 2011

quick trip today

So I ran to Giant Eagle to get my news paper's and they finally had the bic razors I had a rain check for so I was able to get 4 of those. I wasnt sure they were going to have them in stock before my rain check expired (some of the customer service ladies put exp dates some do not not sure if it depends on items or what). Also was able to grab 4 boxes of splenda essentials for .33 cents a box. Love this deal tho i preffer regular sugar i do use splenda as well since my husband likes it and i like it better for baking and making homemade fruit ice pop's. Going to pick up item's for those tomorrow.


Friday, July 22, 2011

great customer service

I loved rite aid before but i love them even more now. I did the nivea deal the other day spend $100 get $40 before coupons. I did really well with that. A fellow couponer online mentioned that nivea was part of the spend $50 get $15 on skin care products. She said to call customer service about it so I did... The rep was wonderful very nice. I asked about this and if i should have gotten both she said yes, so then asked for my store number, transaction numbers and dates of purchase. Then informed me they would be mailing out my $15 i earned... Im so excited and happy they were nice an honored this. Great customer service is a plus for me when it comes to stores.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trip is planned out

Well 2 days of shopping is all planned out for me. Tomorrow im doing my big shopping trip hoping to keep it under $100 at the grocery store with lots of coupon's. then Heading to rite aid to finish up the items in the Nivea deal if they have them in stock, if not doing it thursday when the new shipments come.. I will post how that one goes when it's done right now its just kind of a work in progress since ive done one order twards it, then after i finish it i plan on getting more things im pretty impressed with it all on paper but want to see how it turn's out first lol...

Then thursday im going to get the kids some shampoo nice sale with coupon's not stocking up since i dont have enough coupon's but still they need it lol. Also stocking up on cereal again great sale to match my coupon's and every 4 boxes you get .20cents off gas thats awesome so im going to get 12 boxes :)


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Enter to win

I just entered this one. If you know my family you know me, my husband and the kid's love to ride 4wheelers we do it all the time. So when i saw this i had to enter and i wanted to pass it along incase any of my readers are like us and love to ride who wouldnt want to win an atv if you like to ride

To help celebrate National Hunting and Fishing (NHF) Day, we’re giving away by random drawing a brand New Grizzly 4X4 (a $6899 value)! 18 or older to enter no purchase needed.

Planning and Planning

Planning out my shopping trip this week. Thinking i may have 1 or 2 rainchecks tho since im going on the last day of the sale. but im planning it out now so there are no flaws lol. Hubby get's paid on the last day of the sale so im going to get some things i cant pass up on them do more shopping the next day with the new flyer. I will have that one planned out tuesday when that flyer comes. Im also revising how i shop. Since i coupon to get more for my money my budget is the same as before so i can get more bang for my buck at once. Resulting in a nice stock pile for our family's need's. So since im not really going stock shopping anymore i decided to make my $200 limit factor in before coupon's on the price's in the flyer. So this way i will be spending less each trip leaving extra money for deal's i could find inbetween pay period's...

Tho this trip is split 2 day's. first one im spending retail 116.74, and after the coupon's $63.34. Tho this total may change as im thinking of adding in some juice for the kid's just havent sorted those coupon's yet lol.


Edit To Add
With a stock up on a ton of juice i bring my after coupon price to $100.25. might even be cheaper since i based the juice on shelf price since im not sure if its onsale or not. Since the coupon is exp. soon and they are too good to waste im willing to go off shelf price since there are allot of free coupon's included in the stack i have on that brand. So eaither way it's a good deal but praying its cheaper then i estimate when i go lol.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Use

SO since joining a forum to talk with other couponers, I have given buying trial sizes out on my trip to walmart yesterday. i only got 2 things so not allot to post pictures. most of the trial/travel things were out of stock lol. but I figure this is a great way to use the coupon's i would likely not use due to not so amazing prices on regular size. so i got some toothpaste and a mens deoderant for free plus .03 cents overage. those $1.oo off coupon's are handy. These trial item's will be great for vacation, nights away from home and so on. So they will be used :D . Also great for putting deoderant in your purse for just incase lol... only thing i got with out coupons was the pool care items i needed. then i found some finish quantum on clearance so got that for $2 with coupons normally pretty pricy i think. got some sponges they were .88 each got 2 used $1.00 off coupon probably could have waited and got a better deal but i needed them asap lol.

I wish my local grocery store had trial section that would help allot but i dont mind planning a once a month walmart trip. Might even test out their price matching see how well that goes..

If anyone is wondering the cashier i got this time was AMAZING i did 2 transactions one was cash for food my dad wanted she asked if i was using coupons for that since she saw my stack for the next purchase i said no so we rang that up then did my coupon order. It wasnt a huge order but she was happy to ring coupons, even put one in manually since i got the items needed but the coupon didnt scan everything matched what i bought and exp.s were good to go.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wish me luck

going to try out walmart again today. I need to get some pool stuff and they have the best prices on that so im going to see how I can do on other item's. Hopefully the day time cashiers are better then the one i dealt with last time.


homemade blueberry pie

A friend of mine has a ton of blueberry bushes at his house. So he allowed me, my husband and the kid's to go over and pick what we wanted. Well the kids were picking and eatting lol and i got enough to make a blue berry pie from scratch. This was my first try so its not the prettiest pie but it taste amazing... when its gone im going to post the recipe i used for the filling since the recipe is on the pie pan lol.. the dough i used as soon as I remember the ingrediance I will post that as well. But it came out so tasty i had to post about it with a picture. Only thing that caught me off guard I didnt fold the top and the bottom of the crust good enough so the juices spilled out causing smoke lol but that did not effect the taste. I now know what not to do next time when it comes to closing the pie.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

ugh some people (vent)

So I went to the store to get my usual 12 paper's. all of them had inserts but one it had one page from the insert and it was ripped. Clearly someone took it. Luckily the customer service at my local store is awesome they told me to come back down and they would help me. Guessing they would replace it. I love coupon's as much as the next person but i would never steal an insert from the store leaving the person who buy's it out of luck....

Tho while there i got a rain check on some laundry soap :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Thinking of thing's to add to the blog. I will probably start posting picture's with my post's of shopping trip's. This will be my last post with out picture's lol..

Giant Eagle
freebies from the trip were 2 best life buttery spreads, they were onsale $1.50 each and i got a .75 cents off coupon online that doubled so they were free. 4 crest toothpaste onsale $1.50 each had 75 cents off coupon for those as well so they were free yay..


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Saving Star

So my local store does the e-coupon's. Somewhere online awhile back I saw a review on saving star, so I decieded to check into it. When planning my shopping trip I found one item on there i was getting so I added it to my card. Unlike regular e-coupon's that amount is not taken off your shopping total insted its added to your saving account and once you reach $5.00 you can cash out in a number of way's. Me personally im saving for the amazon gift card. My review on the site it takes awhile for the amount to be added think it depend's on when the store send's it in or whatever they do. it took 1 month for the $1 to be added that I used one of their coupons for coffee creamer. I got my email today that it was credited.

I am going to continue to use this site. Even tho it takes time for it to be credited I think it will be worth it so I can use those credits when I choose the amazon gift card credit since I love to read. I can get books free this way.

Currently there are 29 coupon's available to use. ranging from food, juice, pets and more.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 Shopping Trips

So yesterday we did a little shopping and got some deal's.
i should have spent $49.48 on everything, but i spent $17.10 out of pocket.

First stop Rite Aid.. my first plan was to buy things that have the register printer amounts that equal to the price of something else i wanted to buy that i didnt or wouldnt ever have a coupon for but turns out they didnt carry that item i was looking for so i got some more things for my stock pile lol.. I did 3 transaction's with all 3 of the kids there so sure enough the 3rd transaction turned out to be candy for them since they did pretty good (5,4,3 years old).

Transaction 1
2 gillett fusion pro glides, 2 crest 3d white toothpaste.
this one i used coupons for everything and got back $14 printed out.

Transaction 2
transaction 2 was 1 starbursts, 4 colgate 360 toothbrush, 1 crest pro health mouth wash. i paid .35 cents got back $8 printed.....
on this one i had to add a candy in there to make up for going over so the .35 cents was there due to the candy lol.

Transaction 3 (the kids favorite transaction lol)
5 things of candy i think it was 1 baby bottle pop, 2 of another candy that was 1.67 a peice, 2 bags of chocolate coins.
.45 cents for this transaction

I think it was a great shopping trip. and i still have $2.00 to use next time i go since we didnt use all our print outs.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Nice Deal

savemore is having a nice deal going on for wall decor from Lewa's Design's , $30 worth for only $15. If your not a member here is my referral link.

if you go to the offer there is a comments area with FAQ about the product's. they have new deal's posted often if that one does not appeal to you. I look everyday to see what's new and for me lol.


More coupon's

So since I have not been home much all weekend I checked the mail today. I received more coupon's threw the mail. 2, $1 off from stayfree as well as a sample. 2 50 cents off any dannon and a free 4 pack from dannon coupon, and a v.i.p certificate from bar s worth $2.00 they go onsale for 10 for $10 allot here so i like getting some free hotdog's lol....


Tested out walmart.

Went to walmart last night, I needed to get a few things like my baseball card sleeves and a printer to help my couponing lol. Of course before hand i checked coupon policy and everything, well their cashiers are not educated on it at all. luckily only one coupon didnt get used even tho it should have been and she wouldnt get ahold of a manager or nothing to confirm.. Im not sure I will coupon there anymore and if I do im going to print out a copy of the policy and have it in my binder. I even wondered if she was new or something since i gave her $53 cash then planned on doing the other $30 on my card well she entered $10 over what I gave her and then looked at the register for 10 minutes before asking me if I could get cash back to make up the difference. I? wonder how much more I would have confused her if i ended up price matching with other store's flyer's like I wanted to try but didnt lol.

Other then that on my coupon item's that I got I think I did well especially for not having a list and just browsing the store with my coupon's lol. im going to have to look threw the take out the items i didnt buy with coupon's and post the total of the trip for just coupon item's.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Free Pool Tester Kit

wanted to pass this on so those with a pool could get it, or pass it on to someone you know with a pool.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

How about a crafty post!!

So I figured it's been awhile since I made a craft post and me and the kid's are going to be making home made paper mache. This is a first for us using a homemade recipe insted of glue and i will post pictures threw the process. Plus this give's us use of all the extra news paper's we have from purchasing them for coupon's lol.

Below is the recipe we are going to try. (found in a google search)
To make it, combine 1/2 cup all-purpose flour and 2 cups cold water in a bowl. Add this mixture to a saucepan of 2 cups boiling water and bring it to a boil again. Remove from the heat and stir in 3 tablespoons of sugar. Let it cool; it will thicken as it cools. Once it does, it's ready to use.


A Typical Sunday!!!!

This is what a typical Sunday look's like at my house. haha. Stack of smart source in my had, allready clipped ones on the table sorted by item, and not pictured is a stack of health and beauty coupon's waiting to be clipped. I'm glad i enjoy this process tho it take's forever it's kinda relaxing.

Coupon List

So the link I posted with the list of companies that will is deff. something you want to check out. I have been getting so many coupon's in the mail since i have contacted the companies. Feels like a holiday when you opening all those envelope's each ranging with 2 or more coupon's in it. LOVE IT. so worth the time it took to contact each company. I only contacted the ones i will use. think of the 7 or 8 envelopes i received so far only 3 coupons i wont use and those were from one envelope of 17 coupon's...

Im getting ready to head down and get my papers when the store open's at 7 that way I can sit in my van clip a few coupon's I need and shop a little. If this coupon isnt regional and is in my sunday paper it will be a great helper on my shopping trip bringing the total to FREE. Love overage item's lol. Tho im not like the people on tv i wont but 100 item's due to overage, just 12 lol. If not i wont get that item and my total will still include many free item's and only paying a few dollars oop.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Turkey Hill

Just got an email back from Turkey Hill. They will be sending me coupon's in the mail, also they said I can contact every 30 day's for more. This is great especially since we love their ice cream.


Got some coupon's in the mail!!!

The Colgate-Palmolive company sent me coupon's from me contacting them about them.. Today I got 17 different coupon's from them, Irish spring bar soap, Irish spring body wash, colgate phos flur, colgate ora base, ladys speed stick, any speed stick, soft soap body wash, soft soap liquid hand soap, suavitel fabric conditioner or sheets, murphy oil soap, palmolive dish soap, palmolive dish washer detergent, colgate peroxyl, colgate wisp, colgate kids toothpaste, colgate maxfresh toothpaste, colgate manual tooth brush.. All with exp. date's of 1/31/12 so you dont have to worry about using them right away unless you wanted to..

Just goes to show one kind email asking about coupon's can really pay off with allot of them. There are some i wont use but for the most part they sent me many i can use. Im most excited about the kids toothpaste, I currently have 12 (same) coupon's for kids toothpaste and my store doesnt carry. So getting even one for a brand they do have is great. And the hand soap i love getting good deals on that, especially with how often the kid's wash their hand's around here.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quite A Day

Got some shopping done, went with a friend. 2 orders 1 with coupon's one with out.. I only picked up a few things today that were onsale that I had coupons for 8 chi chi's salsa, 2 kraft home style mac and cheese, and 4 bags of chips. My total after coupons was $5 and some change. My friend got 2 gallon's of iced tea and an energy drink for $8. if i had coupon's with me for those item's i would have given them to her to use but i didn't.. If anyone ever tell's me its not worth it to coupon I would not agree with that, It is worth all the effort i put into it to save allot of money....

Also i bought a sewing machine not to long ago at a yard sale, i know nothing about them. In my attempts to figure it out broke a few needle's but tonight i finally got it figured out and was doodleing on an old shirt. I have allot of practice to do before i attempt to make something lol but im so excited i figured it out how to use it.. Im hoping i get good at using this one so i can buy a newer one this one is older but it will work for my trial and error stage.

found a new site

this site offers you deals to get 50%-90% off at stores. i havent used it yet but heard good things. you get $10 to sign up. im saving mine till i find a daily deal i love lol... when you find the deal you like you buy the thing for the price shown they email you a voucher to use at that store

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


enter code: freekaboomtixc
to receive a free can

above is the website. i just filled it out myself

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ever wonder what companies will mail coupons!

check out

She has posted a list of site's/companies that if contacted will mail you coupons. So i have been spending tonight emailing them to get some coupons, some i will call tomorrow.

I have also went to a few of my favorite companies to see if they will send some as well. As I get replies from them i will post the site's/companies that are not listed that i have contacted.

One company i have contacted before that has sent coupon's is birds eye :)

new option to be added

I am going to start posting links to freebie's and other great deal's on here as if find them so others can enjoy them as well :)

checking clearance

How often do you check the clearance shelves at you're local store? did you know many stores still allow you use your coupon's on those item's. This is a great way to find amazing deal's. i got 9 boxes of asian hamburger for .44 cents a box today great deal.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I've been slacking on my post's sorry have a few shopping trips to add on here too.. but found $3.00 off 2 cases of pepsi coupons and giant eagle had them onsale 2 for $9 so i went in first thing this morning and got 10 cases.. later on in the day mike requested i buy 10 more because of the price and a friend informed me they now have a limit to one coupon per transaction on the soda lol. i plan on getting more tomorrow tho i did head back again and grabbed icecream and 2 more cases lol amazing price at $3 per case after coupon

Thursday, May 19, 2011

This and That

so got tomorrow's shopping trip planned. lots of coupon's and 3 store's to go to.. tho it will be a busy day waking up eairly going to one store, then my daughter's kinder orientation, followed by 2 grocery stores then getting her back to school for prek. but for the savings it will be worth it :D

also decieded to pan out amount spent on news papers compared to savings so far. $33.50 on papers and $180.13 is what ive saved with coupons so far.. the savings should be more but i have a few receipt's i cannot find to total them up into it.. i like the numbers so far tho


Friday, May 13, 2011

went to rite aid yesterday and got 2 of the new tylonol back patches free. would have gotten 3 more but they were sold out i got the 2 i did by getting a rain check they only allowed me 2 rain checks lol.

today i went back and got 2 eye drops, 8 candy bars, and 5 packages of panty liners. i paid $7.50 for all of them. and got $2 in +up rewards.. i normally wouldnt have gotten the eye drops but mike has been needing them so figured since i had $1 off coupons and got them 2.99 each and got the +up rewards it was worth it on something we need. but the 5 panty liners were all FREEEEE lol.. the candy was $1.50 for all 8 candy bars. so it was a score for me today hehe

Monday, May 9, 2011

Its my job.

sometimes i feel like i coupon more then my husband works hahah , i dont want to miss a deal. got more rain checks today this time at riteaid i wasnt missing a free deal hehe. i just pray they stock before my coupon expires..

currently writing lists of my coupons all sorted by date this will make it easier at the store just check my list and also help me know when to discard a coupon once it expires. doing that in the binder i bought the other day on clearance for $5 reg. $20 yay, and a good friend is going to send me some baseball card holders to make storage and sorting easier. once i finish this list im going to double check this weeks sales flyers for local stores..

really this may seem like allot of work to the average person. but its not that bad i may over do it but since i stay home i feel its my job to save money. so if i need to work hard to make money go further i will do it hehe. ok im done taking a break on my list back to work


Thursday, May 5, 2011

gotta love shopping at 7am

So I decieded to hit the store when it opened. Less people and more of a chance to find the item's i wanted to get while avoiding needing to grab a rain check lol. tho i did use one today on 4 shich razors since they didnt have them the other day and I was not wasting 4- $3.00 off coupons on that item full price lol so I got them for .99 each.. Also so thankful kayla d. stayed here with the kids or i would have missed some good deal from the distraction. found the hubby some shave gel bogo free and i had coupons that doubled so i spent .49 cents on those 2 SCORE lol. I told him i dont care if he likes it he will use it hahaha. Of course i got my 5 tooth brushes and 5 toothpaste free.. lots of other great items for good deals but it would take forever to list them all..

As i am still learning couponing and today was also a trip to get some meats (one had a coupon tho lol) i didnt get super low in price but i did amazing. The lady behind me was shocked (that felt nice to be complimented on my savings) i appoligised for the wait she was happy to get to watch someone save so much lol wished me luck putting everything away haha.. ok on to the details lol

number of items sold= 115
from coupons= 64.63 from instore sales=61.00
i spent= 161.48

i think this was great especially since a bunch of things i did buy i didnt have coupons for..

this trip also bumped up my fuel perks to $1.20 off per gallon on gas. love that my local store offers fuel perks for money spent on food, then there are food perks for money spent on gas. and with these gas prices saving that much is a life saver lol. the register also printed me out 12.00 in coupons twards my next trip YAY

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

prepping for a shopping trip

So today I spent the morning digging threw coupons and sorting threw the sales in the flyer. I plan on spending around $130 on the whole trip thursday, Including meats,, regular food items, cleaners and snacks. (unless of course there are items listed for sale in store that werent in the flyer that I have coupons for then I will grab them). But I have realized that 10 of the items i will get free since they are 10 for 10 and have coupon's when I added up the price of them and doubled my coupons i got -$2.00 score lol. Im planning on my total coupon savings to be around $50-$60. If some items arent in stock I will get rain checks I cannot pass on a deal even if its not in stock.. I think im doing amazing for a beginner...

Of course when im done i will post the before store saving and coupon total and after amount. This is so much fun.

Monday, May 2, 2011

starting slow

So I have been couponing for a little bit now still taking things slow. Wanted to post my savings on my first couple trips to the store. Then from now on I will update after every shopping trip... I have learned tho it is allot of work its so much fun to SAVE SAVE SAVE and make money go further then it normally would.. my husband loves that i do this as well. My posts after this one will be more detailed with retail amount and out of pocket spent. I forgot to write it down for these.

first trip
total savings= $55.39 .. 61 items purchased

second trip
total savings=$21.86.. 9 items sold

third trip
total savings= $36.81.. 20 items sold

I think i am starting off great for a beginner. :)

Ok did a quick calculation total I should have spent all together was $213.79 and I spent $101.73

forgotten blog

Apparently I have forgotten all about this blog lol oops. I wanted to make one since i started couponing and realized i still had this. so im going to be making posts about that and going to start posting my crafty projects I made with the kids again.