My Saving's my Way

Friday, May 13, 2011

went to rite aid yesterday and got 2 of the new tylonol back patches free. would have gotten 3 more but they were sold out i got the 2 i did by getting a rain check they only allowed me 2 rain checks lol.

today i went back and got 2 eye drops, 8 candy bars, and 5 packages of panty liners. i paid $7.50 for all of them. and got $2 in +up rewards.. i normally wouldnt have gotten the eye drops but mike has been needing them so figured since i had $1 off coupons and got them 2.99 each and got the +up rewards it was worth it on something we need. but the 5 panty liners were all FREEEEE lol.. the candy was $1.50 for all 8 candy bars. so it was a score for me today hehe

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