My Saving's my Way

Friday, September 30, 2011

I did well

So I went to giant eagle yesterday to get the item's I posted about. I was able to get everything there except the hair dye they had it but it cost more then the value up to on the free coupon so im going to take that to walmart and use it there (free-up to 7.99 it cost 8.99) still would have been a cheap buy but why pay when it should be free lol. rite aid also had it for the same price, i know walmart will be allot cheaper for it so next time im out twards there I will get it unless I see it onsale somewhere closer.

so heres my Giant Eagle trip

2 gold peak tea (the large bottles)
7 reach toothbrush (6 kids 1 adult)
2 international delight french vanilla creamers
total oop cost- $1.80
total coupon savings- $12.20
total sale savings- $13.31

I think it was a great trip only have to pay for the creamer and tea. the toothbrushes were all free onsale 10-$10 had $1 off coupons for those. I was able to get my son a bunch of batman toothbrushes tho they were sold out on the barbi ones maybe next time (its hard to get kid toothbrushes here when onsale) i thought they were all sold out since the shelf was cleared allready when I got there and only a few hours since the store opened on the first day of sale. then I was walking to the register and noticed a cart/tray of cheap things so I looked and found a ton of the kids toothbrushes I bought the amount I wanted and there was still plenty left for other customers.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

small trip to giant eagle

So it seem's i had a nice stock of tooth brushes but im allways giving them away to friend's/family who need them. So im heading down to restock on those today, Reach toothbrushes you can get free this week. on sale $1 and there is a $1 off coupon i have. Also going to pick up some Gold Peak tea i usualy make my own but this is a brand i like and im getting them for .50 so im going to pick up 2. thers is a .75 fb printable on those at they double at G.E. also getting some coffee creamer International delight will be .40 after the .55 coupon doubling. im getting 2 of those.


edit to add
also going to see if they accept the free box of garnier hair dye coupon i have looks like a printed one but it was sent in the mail so i think they will take it. if not heading to rite aid for that. i was one of the lucky ones to get this coupon threw a facebook offer they once ran

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fun with duct tape

So as the assistant leader to my daughter's girl's scout troop, I am allways thinking of new activities for the girl's to do that they will love. My friend's daughter loves to make item's out of duct tape, from purses to ring's she make's great thing's. So I asked if she would be willing to come to a meeting and show the Daisy Scout's how to make something. She came in on sunday and showed them how to make a purse. The girl's LOVED it and our leader is going to send the picture of the girl's and their purses to the local newspaper to get it published. It was a easy and fun project. As soon as i send the picture from my phone to computer I will upload it here.

I am going to buy some supplies to make this at home with the kid's, not just purses but anything we can think of to make. It is so much fun. My friend's daughter made the basic part with the "ugly" duct tape (regular kind). and the leader supplied the colored duct tape that the girls used to decorate and create their purses.

Great project if you love to make things like we do.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Freezing Away

So if you do not know this time of year I love to freeze allot of thing's. Currenly I am finish up 10 dozen corn. Did 7 allready just 3 to go on top of the 2 I did a few week's ago.. It's alot of work but very much worth it in the winter when we cannot buy corn from the local farm we go to. They have the best corn EVER lol (himmel farm, carrolltown). This also saves allot of money insted of buying it at the store as long as you buy on a day the price is low..

I'm also hoping we find a you pick apple place for girl's scouts to bring the girls to so I can get some to turn into apple sauce and can. (I am the assistant leader of my daughters Daisy troop)..

Does anyone have any similar things they do? be it to have a product you love year round, save money, enjoy the process. If so what do you do and why?


Disney vitimin sample

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Playtex Sport Tampon's Sample Pack

FREEBIE with coupon's

you will get 3 tampon's and a coupon for $1.00 off. 1 sample pack per household


wow just realized i have been slacking on posting here. so sorry. With school starting in august I have finally go used to the scedual lol. oldest off to school ay 7:45 middle off to prek at 12:30 and just me and the little man for a few hours. Im going to post some freebies I find today :)


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hosted a tattoo party

well as we allready know im allways looking for a good deal, and i love tattoo's as well. so i contacted a local artist to see if he did tattoo parties. Well he did and offered a discount for hosting the party. %15 of each tattoo. I only had a few guests get tattoo's but still ended up getting a $120 tattoo for $75 (pic to come soon) as well as a touch up on another tattoo he did, and my husband got Her tattooed on his ring finger and i got His on mine. Everyones tattoos came out amazing. local artist is Tattoo Tom..