My Saving's my Way

Saturday, October 1, 2011

cleaned out the coupon binder

so I slacked on taking out old coupons since I have been getting papers with no coupons grrrrr. but I cleaned it out and clipped some I had sitting here waiting. in doing this
I found 12 more coupon's for reach toothbrushes 6 kids 6 regular.. So right now im planning a trip down to the store to get more since they are free but I personally dont need more for my stock (unless they have girly kid ones) so im going to give them to people I know who need item's, and if they dont need them probably donate them to a church or some other organization who could find a needing family for those things.



Mom2RickyRanaJavier said...

I never get good coupons or sales for toothbrushes.

And did you delete your facebook?

Being Thrifty said...

Yes, I did delete it. I was not impressed with that new option on the right side. It was allowing people I didnt want to read my status' to read it, and there was nothing in the privacy setting's to stop it.

The sale and coupons i used for the toothbrushes were the reach 10-$10 sale with a $1 off coupon, i also noticed the floss was onsale and included on the coupon so i got some of those insted of more toothbrushes. currently i have a ton for mikey (batman ones) and it will take awhile for him to use them all even if he looses some so im going to be donating many of them.

Ive also found good deals before on the oral b battery ones at rite aid that usualy end up free after coupon and +up rewards (or single check rebate) but i dont buy allot of those since rite aid limit's the amount plus the coupons are p&g so limit 4. i know currently there is a deal to get one free but you dont have rite aid so it doesnt help