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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Planning and Planning

Planning out my shopping trip this week. Thinking i may have 1 or 2 rainchecks tho since im going on the last day of the sale. but im planning it out now so there are no flaws lol. Hubby get's paid on the last day of the sale so im going to get some things i cant pass up on them do more shopping the next day with the new flyer. I will have that one planned out tuesday when that flyer comes. Im also revising how i shop. Since i coupon to get more for my money my budget is the same as before so i can get more bang for my buck at once. Resulting in a nice stock pile for our family's need's. So since im not really going stock shopping anymore i decided to make my $200 limit factor in before coupon's on the price's in the flyer. So this way i will be spending less each trip leaving extra money for deal's i could find inbetween pay period's...

Tho this trip is split 2 day's. first one im spending retail 116.74, and after the coupon's $63.34. Tho this total may change as im thinking of adding in some juice for the kid's just havent sorted those coupon's yet lol.


Edit To Add
With a stock up on a ton of juice i bring my after coupon price to $100.25. might even be cheaper since i based the juice on shelf price since im not sure if its onsale or not. Since the coupon is exp. soon and they are too good to waste im willing to go off shelf price since there are allot of free coupon's included in the stack i have on that brand. So eaither way it's a good deal but praying its cheaper then i estimate when i go lol.

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