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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

prepping for a shopping trip

So today I spent the morning digging threw coupons and sorting threw the sales in the flyer. I plan on spending around $130 on the whole trip thursday, Including meats,, regular food items, cleaners and snacks. (unless of course there are items listed for sale in store that werent in the flyer that I have coupons for then I will grab them). But I have realized that 10 of the items i will get free since they are 10 for 10 and have coupon's when I added up the price of them and doubled my coupons i got -$2.00 score lol. Im planning on my total coupon savings to be around $50-$60. If some items arent in stock I will get rain checks I cannot pass on a deal even if its not in stock.. I think im doing amazing for a beginner...

Of course when im done i will post the before store saving and coupon total and after amount. This is so much fun.

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