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Thursday, May 5, 2011

gotta love shopping at 7am

So I decieded to hit the store when it opened. Less people and more of a chance to find the item's i wanted to get while avoiding needing to grab a rain check lol. tho i did use one today on 4 shich razors since they didnt have them the other day and I was not wasting 4- $3.00 off coupons on that item full price lol so I got them for .99 each.. Also so thankful kayla d. stayed here with the kids or i would have missed some good deal from the distraction. found the hubby some shave gel bogo free and i had coupons that doubled so i spent .49 cents on those 2 SCORE lol. I told him i dont care if he likes it he will use it hahaha. Of course i got my 5 tooth brushes and 5 toothpaste free.. lots of other great items for good deals but it would take forever to list them all..

As i am still learning couponing and today was also a trip to get some meats (one had a coupon tho lol) i didnt get super low in price but i did amazing. The lady behind me was shocked (that felt nice to be complimented on my savings) i appoligised for the wait she was happy to get to watch someone save so much lol wished me luck putting everything away haha.. ok on to the details lol

number of items sold= 115
from coupons= 64.63 from instore sales=61.00
i spent= 161.48

i think this was great especially since a bunch of things i did buy i didnt have coupons for..

this trip also bumped up my fuel perks to $1.20 off per gallon on gas. love that my local store offers fuel perks for money spent on food, then there are food perks for money spent on gas. and with these gas prices saving that much is a life saver lol. the register also printed me out 12.00 in coupons twards my next trip YAY

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