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Monday, October 3, 2011


ugh no wonder I take a few day's to plan a shopping trip. Im constantly changing it to get the best bang for my buck on item's i need... So I started planning my wed. rite aid trip and i think i have the best possible outcome planned for the item's i want to get. here is the list so far

Transaction one will be
$30 worth of cover girl make up (included in the p&g spend 30 get $10 up)
1 scope blast mouth wash.
should spend $16.50 out of pocket, and get $12.50 back in +up's to use on transaction 2.

Transaction 2
1 dove deoderant
1 dove shampoo
1 dove conditioner
1 dove body wash
1 oral b 3d white battery operated toothbrush.
should spend .97 oop .
will get back $5 up from the dove offer, then a $2.99 single check rebate on the toothbrush.

This will be my first time getting the single check rebate so im interested in seeing how that works out for me. toothbrush is free after that so it caught my attention haha.

Hopefully i planned this correctly lol.


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