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Monday, July 4, 2011

Tested out walmart.

Went to walmart last night, I needed to get a few things like my baseball card sleeves and a printer to help my couponing lol. Of course before hand i checked coupon policy and everything, well their cashiers are not educated on it at all. luckily only one coupon didnt get used even tho it should have been and she wouldnt get ahold of a manager or nothing to confirm.. Im not sure I will coupon there anymore and if I do im going to print out a copy of the policy and have it in my binder. I even wondered if she was new or something since i gave her $53 cash then planned on doing the other $30 on my card well she entered $10 over what I gave her and then looked at the register for 10 minutes before asking me if I could get cash back to make up the difference. I? wonder how much more I would have confused her if i ended up price matching with other store's flyer's like I wanted to try but didnt lol.

Other then that on my coupon item's that I got I think I did well especially for not having a list and just browsing the store with my coupon's lol. im going to have to look threw the take out the items i didnt buy with coupon's and post the total of the trip for just coupon item's.

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