My Saving's my Way

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I've been slacking on my post's sorry have a few shopping trips to add on here too.. but found $3.00 off 2 cases of pepsi coupons and giant eagle had them onsale 2 for $9 so i went in first thing this morning and got 10 cases.. later on in the day mike requested i buy 10 more because of the price and a friend informed me they now have a limit to one coupon per transaction on the soda lol. i plan on getting more tomorrow tho i did head back again and grabbed icecream and 2 more cases lol amazing price at $3 per case after coupon

Thursday, May 19, 2011

This and That

so got tomorrow's shopping trip planned. lots of coupon's and 3 store's to go to.. tho it will be a busy day waking up eairly going to one store, then my daughter's kinder orientation, followed by 2 grocery stores then getting her back to school for prek. but for the savings it will be worth it :D

also decieded to pan out amount spent on news papers compared to savings so far. $33.50 on papers and $180.13 is what ive saved with coupons so far.. the savings should be more but i have a few receipt's i cannot find to total them up into it.. i like the numbers so far tho


Friday, May 13, 2011

went to rite aid yesterday and got 2 of the new tylonol back patches free. would have gotten 3 more but they were sold out i got the 2 i did by getting a rain check they only allowed me 2 rain checks lol.

today i went back and got 2 eye drops, 8 candy bars, and 5 packages of panty liners. i paid $7.50 for all of them. and got $2 in +up rewards.. i normally wouldnt have gotten the eye drops but mike has been needing them so figured since i had $1 off coupons and got them 2.99 each and got the +up rewards it was worth it on something we need. but the 5 panty liners were all FREEEEE lol.. the candy was $1.50 for all 8 candy bars. so it was a score for me today hehe

Monday, May 9, 2011

Its my job.

sometimes i feel like i coupon more then my husband works hahah , i dont want to miss a deal. got more rain checks today this time at riteaid i wasnt missing a free deal hehe. i just pray they stock before my coupon expires..

currently writing lists of my coupons all sorted by date this will make it easier at the store just check my list and also help me know when to discard a coupon once it expires. doing that in the binder i bought the other day on clearance for $5 reg. $20 yay, and a good friend is going to send me some baseball card holders to make storage and sorting easier. once i finish this list im going to double check this weeks sales flyers for local stores..

really this may seem like allot of work to the average person. but its not that bad i may over do it but since i stay home i feel its my job to save money. so if i need to work hard to make money go further i will do it hehe. ok im done taking a break on my list back to work


Thursday, May 5, 2011

gotta love shopping at 7am

So I decieded to hit the store when it opened. Less people and more of a chance to find the item's i wanted to get while avoiding needing to grab a rain check lol. tho i did use one today on 4 shich razors since they didnt have them the other day and I was not wasting 4- $3.00 off coupons on that item full price lol so I got them for .99 each.. Also so thankful kayla d. stayed here with the kids or i would have missed some good deal from the distraction. found the hubby some shave gel bogo free and i had coupons that doubled so i spent .49 cents on those 2 SCORE lol. I told him i dont care if he likes it he will use it hahaha. Of course i got my 5 tooth brushes and 5 toothpaste free.. lots of other great items for good deals but it would take forever to list them all..

As i am still learning couponing and today was also a trip to get some meats (one had a coupon tho lol) i didnt get super low in price but i did amazing. The lady behind me was shocked (that felt nice to be complimented on my savings) i appoligised for the wait she was happy to get to watch someone save so much lol wished me luck putting everything away haha.. ok on to the details lol

number of items sold= 115
from coupons= 64.63 from instore sales=61.00
i spent= 161.48

i think this was great especially since a bunch of things i did buy i didnt have coupons for..

this trip also bumped up my fuel perks to $1.20 off per gallon on gas. love that my local store offers fuel perks for money spent on food, then there are food perks for money spent on gas. and with these gas prices saving that much is a life saver lol. the register also printed me out 12.00 in coupons twards my next trip YAY

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

prepping for a shopping trip

So today I spent the morning digging threw coupons and sorting threw the sales in the flyer. I plan on spending around $130 on the whole trip thursday, Including meats,, regular food items, cleaners and snacks. (unless of course there are items listed for sale in store that werent in the flyer that I have coupons for then I will grab them). But I have realized that 10 of the items i will get free since they are 10 for 10 and have coupon's when I added up the price of them and doubled my coupons i got -$2.00 score lol. Im planning on my total coupon savings to be around $50-$60. If some items arent in stock I will get rain checks I cannot pass on a deal even if its not in stock.. I think im doing amazing for a beginner...

Of course when im done i will post the before store saving and coupon total and after amount. This is so much fun.

Monday, May 2, 2011

starting slow

So I have been couponing for a little bit now still taking things slow. Wanted to post my savings on my first couple trips to the store. Then from now on I will update after every shopping trip... I have learned tho it is allot of work its so much fun to SAVE SAVE SAVE and make money go further then it normally would.. my husband loves that i do this as well. My posts after this one will be more detailed with retail amount and out of pocket spent. I forgot to write it down for these.

first trip
total savings= $55.39 .. 61 items purchased

second trip
total savings=$21.86.. 9 items sold

third trip
total savings= $36.81.. 20 items sold

I think i am starting off great for a beginner. :)

Ok did a quick calculation total I should have spent all together was $213.79 and I spent $101.73

forgotten blog

Apparently I have forgotten all about this blog lol oops. I wanted to make one since i started couponing and realized i still had this. so im going to be making posts about that and going to start posting my crafty projects I made with the kids again.