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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 Shopping Trips

So yesterday we did a little shopping and got some deal's.
i should have spent $49.48 on everything, but i spent $17.10 out of pocket.

First stop Rite Aid.. my first plan was to buy things that have the register printer amounts that equal to the price of something else i wanted to buy that i didnt or wouldnt ever have a coupon for but turns out they didnt carry that item i was looking for so i got some more things for my stock pile lol.. I did 3 transaction's with all 3 of the kids there so sure enough the 3rd transaction turned out to be candy for them since they did pretty good (5,4,3 years old).

Transaction 1
2 gillett fusion pro glides, 2 crest 3d white toothpaste.
this one i used coupons for everything and got back $14 printed out.

Transaction 2
transaction 2 was 1 starbursts, 4 colgate 360 toothbrush, 1 crest pro health mouth wash. i paid .35 cents got back $8 printed.....
on this one i had to add a candy in there to make up for going over so the .35 cents was there due to the candy lol.

Transaction 3 (the kids favorite transaction lol)
5 things of candy i think it was 1 baby bottle pop, 2 of another candy that was 1.67 a peice, 2 bags of chocolate coins.
.45 cents for this transaction

I think it was a great shopping trip. and i still have $2.00 to use next time i go since we didnt use all our print outs.


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