My Saving's my Way

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quite A Day

Got some shopping done, went with a friend. 2 orders 1 with coupon's one with out.. I only picked up a few things today that were onsale that I had coupons for 8 chi chi's salsa, 2 kraft home style mac and cheese, and 4 bags of chips. My total after coupons was $5 and some change. My friend got 2 gallon's of iced tea and an energy drink for $8. if i had coupon's with me for those item's i would have given them to her to use but i didn't.. If anyone ever tell's me its not worth it to coupon I would not agree with that, It is worth all the effort i put into it to save allot of money....

Also i bought a sewing machine not to long ago at a yard sale, i know nothing about them. In my attempts to figure it out broke a few needle's but tonight i finally got it figured out and was doodleing on an old shirt. I have allot of practice to do before i attempt to make something lol but im so excited i figured it out how to use it.. Im hoping i get good at using this one so i can buy a newer one this one is older but it will work for my trial and error stage.

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