My Saving's my Way

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


fancy feast is giving away 7,000 christmas orniments a day untill december 2nd, great freebie. pretty sure the giveaway starts daily at 9am eastern time.. i got mine this morning :)


Busy Busy

Sorry I have not been posting. With the holidays and working on the christmas float ive been super busy. Thanksgiving went great, and the christmas parade on sunday was awesome, float came out perfect and the girls loved it.. Best of all allmost everything on the float was handmade (except for the tree and the trailer lol)


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have been offered a chance to review a website called . When arriving on the site I was allready interested, since I enjoy online coupon code's as well. So I started browsing the site with the "how it works" tab. On that tap they have a video that explains perfectly how the site work's, and it's very simple anyone could do it.

After watching the video I right away wanted to look for coupon code's for store's I like to shop online from. I typed the store name's in the search bar and there were multiple code's to be redeemed at the site's I entered (there is also a list of store's). On each code there is areas for comment's were users of the site add in if the coupon code worked for them and the date, I found that super helpful.

Next I took a look at the "pays to share" tab, I am very interested in this option. First you sign up for the program, then you upload coupon codes you find and coupon cheif pays you 2% of the sale every time that coupon is used.

The website also has a blog and that is the next spot I looked threw while browsing the site. The blog is updated frequently with new deal's from different website's/store's. I find this to be very useful as well cause it give's you a look at store's you may have over looked at first.

Over all I think the site is great. Not only can you save money with the coupon codes but you can earn money adding codes you find. Its genius!! I know I am going to be adding this website to my list of coupon site's. It's a very user friendly website as well.

My final note on the website is simple Check It Out For Yourself!!!!!!!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rite Aid Trip

Missing from the picture is the 4 candies the kids picked and one colgate toothpaste.

transaction 1
1 kerri lotion $6.99 and get $6 up
1 stay free pads $3.00 - $1 coupon $2.00, $2.00 up
1 colgate toothpaste $3 and some change but the up made it free
paid 12.49 for that transaction

transaction 2
4 orajel toddler tooth paste bogo at 4.49 so i paid 8.98
2 candies $4 i used my %10 off non sale item's i had
used the ups from transaction 1 paid $1.90

did a 3rd transaction since i was $1 away from getting the $5 up on the orajel offer got 2 more paid $4.49 to get the $5 off so it was like getting those 2 free. i have $5 to use next time. wasnt the best i could have done on this trip since i didnt have as many coupons as i would have liked to but i still liked the results spent $18.88 for around $45 worth of product's, and now i dont have to worry about kids toothpaste for awhile. and i still have that $5 us to use next time :) (so for those who would include that unused up i spent $13.88 but i dont count it that way i go by actual money spent)


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mail Call

Pictured is yesterday's mail, I did not get a chance to post it. Kleanex coupon's and inside the thing in 2 tissue sample's lol.. Then I got another package with a small box of kleanex tissues both pictured...

Today's mail I didnt take a picture of yet, but just got a sample of playtex tampon's. as well as this weeks local store insert's.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mail Call

Today Mail Call is only for one item. Got my cottonelle toilet paper cover today. Won it free threw their facebook page. Tho that contest is now over, took me a week to actually win it in the game lol.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mail Call

Today's Mail Call Include's.... Tom's of Maine sample of children's silly strawberry toothpaste, as well as this week's sale flyer's from local store's. Going to browse those for good deal's now.


Downy Coupon Book

$10 downy coupon book request yours today its free