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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fun with duct tape

So as the assistant leader to my daughter's girl's scout troop, I am allways thinking of new activities for the girl's to do that they will love. My friend's daughter loves to make item's out of duct tape, from purses to ring's she make's great thing's. So I asked if she would be willing to come to a meeting and show the Daisy Scout's how to make something. She came in on sunday and showed them how to make a purse. The girl's LOVED it and our leader is going to send the picture of the girl's and their purses to the local newspaper to get it published. It was a easy and fun project. As soon as i send the picture from my phone to computer I will upload it here.

I am going to buy some supplies to make this at home with the kid's, not just purses but anything we can think of to make. It is so much fun. My friend's daughter made the basic part with the "ugly" duct tape (regular kind). and the leader supplied the colored duct tape that the girls used to decorate and create their purses.

Great project if you love to make things like we do.


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