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Friday, September 30, 2011

I did well

So I went to giant eagle yesterday to get the item's I posted about. I was able to get everything there except the hair dye they had it but it cost more then the value up to on the free coupon so im going to take that to walmart and use it there (free-up to 7.99 it cost 8.99) still would have been a cheap buy but why pay when it should be free lol. rite aid also had it for the same price, i know walmart will be allot cheaper for it so next time im out twards there I will get it unless I see it onsale somewhere closer.

so heres my Giant Eagle trip

2 gold peak tea (the large bottles)
7 reach toothbrush (6 kids 1 adult)
2 international delight french vanilla creamers
total oop cost- $1.80
total coupon savings- $12.20
total sale savings- $13.31

I think it was a great trip only have to pay for the creamer and tea. the toothbrushes were all free onsale 10-$10 had $1 off coupons for those. I was able to get my son a bunch of batman toothbrushes tho they were sold out on the barbi ones maybe next time (its hard to get kid toothbrushes here when onsale) i thought they were all sold out since the shelf was cleared allready when I got there and only a few hours since the store opened on the first day of sale. then I was walking to the register and noticed a cart/tray of cheap things so I looked and found a ton of the kids toothbrushes I bought the amount I wanted and there was still plenty left for other customers.


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