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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trip is planned out

Well 2 days of shopping is all planned out for me. Tomorrow im doing my big shopping trip hoping to keep it under $100 at the grocery store with lots of coupon's. then Heading to rite aid to finish up the items in the Nivea deal if they have them in stock, if not doing it thursday when the new shipments come.. I will post how that one goes when it's done right now its just kind of a work in progress since ive done one order twards it, then after i finish it i plan on getting more things im pretty impressed with it all on paper but want to see how it turn's out first lol...

Then thursday im going to get the kids some shampoo nice sale with coupon's not stocking up since i dont have enough coupon's but still they need it lol. Also stocking up on cereal again great sale to match my coupon's and every 4 boxes you get .20cents off gas thats awesome so im going to get 12 boxes :)


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