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Friday, June 24, 2011

Got some coupon's in the mail!!!

The Colgate-Palmolive company sent me coupon's from me contacting them about them.. Today I got 17 different coupon's from them, Irish spring bar soap, Irish spring body wash, colgate phos flur, colgate ora base, ladys speed stick, any speed stick, soft soap body wash, soft soap liquid hand soap, suavitel fabric conditioner or sheets, murphy oil soap, palmolive dish soap, palmolive dish washer detergent, colgate peroxyl, colgate wisp, colgate kids toothpaste, colgate maxfresh toothpaste, colgate manual tooth brush.. All with exp. date's of 1/31/12 so you dont have to worry about using them right away unless you wanted to..

Just goes to show one kind email asking about coupon's can really pay off with allot of them. There are some i wont use but for the most part they sent me many i can use. Im most excited about the kids toothpaste, I currently have 12 (same) coupon's for kids toothpaste and my store doesnt carry. So getting even one for a brand they do have is great. And the hand soap i love getting good deals on that, especially with how often the kid's wash their hand's around here.



Mom2RickyRanaJavier said...

did you just email and ask for coupons? If so whats the email?

Being Thrifty said...

thats the link to the contact page, i used the questions/comments link on there. kindly asked if they offered coupons for their products and how i loved them. and they sent 17. only 3 i would never use