My Saving's my Way

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home made snow globes

I have to get a picture of one my girls have but its easy and super cute. They made them at girlscouts the other day....

all you need
babyfood jar (or any jar with a lid you like)
clay (or something that can be used to hold your decoration to the lid)
decoration (they used little christmas bears ceramic i thing)

just stick the decoration on the inside of the lid with the clay, add water, glitter and glyserin. place lid on and shake. very simple and cute


Monday, December 5, 2011

Slow yet busy

Thing's have been rather slow here yet so busy at the same time.. Even the mail freebies/sample's are not coming in at usual pace lol.. I have not posted much on coupon/sale deal's cause the things I usualy buy im not ready to get more off have a nice stash. I am however posting as frequently as I can while also gearing up for the holiday.


Thursday, December 1, 2011


Make sure you check out HYDRIVE Energy on facebook. I found out about them threw facebook when they were sending out free stickers so i "liked" them and got the sticker and put it on my ridding helmet (quad) they recently had a photo contest that ended today and i was one of the winners, i should get the package in about a week will post pictures when i get it... great company, great products. im so excited hehe... best part of it all that really made my day was the end of the email saying " P.S. Rockout on that QUAD! the ladies here at HYDRIVE think thats sweet!"!/HYDRIVE