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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coupon List

So the link I posted with the list of companies that will is deff. something you want to check out. I have been getting so many coupon's in the mail since i have contacted the companies. Feels like a holiday when you opening all those envelope's each ranging with 2 or more coupon's in it. LOVE IT. so worth the time it took to contact each company. I only contacted the ones i will use. think of the 7 or 8 envelopes i received so far only 3 coupons i wont use and those were from one envelope of 17 coupon's...

Im getting ready to head down and get my papers when the store open's at 7 that way I can sit in my van clip a few coupon's I need and shop a little. If this coupon isnt regional and is in my sunday paper it will be a great helper on my shopping trip bringing the total to FREE. Love overage item's lol. Tho im not like the people on tv i wont but 100 item's due to overage, just 12 lol. If not i wont get that item and my total will still include many free item's and only paying a few dollars oop.


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