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Monday, May 2, 2011

starting slow

So I have been couponing for a little bit now still taking things slow. Wanted to post my savings on my first couple trips to the store. Then from now on I will update after every shopping trip... I have learned tho it is allot of work its so much fun to SAVE SAVE SAVE and make money go further then it normally would.. my husband loves that i do this as well. My posts after this one will be more detailed with retail amount and out of pocket spent. I forgot to write it down for these.

first trip
total savings= $55.39 .. 61 items purchased

second trip
total savings=$21.86.. 9 items sold

third trip
total savings= $36.81.. 20 items sold

I think i am starting off great for a beginner. :)

Ok did a quick calculation total I should have spent all together was $213.79 and I spent $101.73

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