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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have been offered a chance to review a website called . When arriving on the site I was allready interested, since I enjoy online coupon code's as well. So I started browsing the site with the "how it works" tab. On that tap they have a video that explains perfectly how the site work's, and it's very simple anyone could do it.

After watching the video I right away wanted to look for coupon code's for store's I like to shop online from. I typed the store name's in the search bar and there were multiple code's to be redeemed at the site's I entered (there is also a list of store's). On each code there is areas for comment's were users of the site add in if the coupon code worked for them and the date, I found that super helpful.

Next I took a look at the "pays to share" tab, I am very interested in this option. First you sign up for the program, then you upload coupon codes you find and coupon cheif pays you 2% of the sale every time that coupon is used.

The website also has a blog and that is the next spot I looked threw while browsing the site. The blog is updated frequently with new deal's from different website's/store's. I find this to be very useful as well cause it give's you a look at store's you may have over looked at first.

Over all I think the site is great. Not only can you save money with the coupon codes but you can earn money adding codes you find. Its genius!! I know I am going to be adding this website to my list of coupon site's. It's a very user friendly website as well.

My final note on the website is simple Check It Out For Yourself!!!!!!!


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