My Saving's my Way

Monday, May 9, 2011

Its my job.

sometimes i feel like i coupon more then my husband works hahah , i dont want to miss a deal. got more rain checks today this time at riteaid i wasnt missing a free deal hehe. i just pray they stock before my coupon expires..

currently writing lists of my coupons all sorted by date this will make it easier at the store just check my list and also help me know when to discard a coupon once it expires. doing that in the binder i bought the other day on clearance for $5 reg. $20 yay, and a good friend is going to send me some baseball card holders to make storage and sorting easier. once i finish this list im going to double check this weeks sales flyers for local stores..

really this may seem like allot of work to the average person. but its not that bad i may over do it but since i stay home i feel its my job to save money. so if i need to work hard to make money go further i will do it hehe. ok im done taking a break on my list back to work


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