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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

homemade blueberry pie

A friend of mine has a ton of blueberry bushes at his house. So he allowed me, my husband and the kid's to go over and pick what we wanted. Well the kids were picking and eatting lol and i got enough to make a blue berry pie from scratch. This was my first try so its not the prettiest pie but it taste amazing... when its gone im going to post the recipe i used for the filling since the recipe is on the pie pan lol.. the dough i used as soon as I remember the ingrediance I will post that as well. But it came out so tasty i had to post about it with a picture. Only thing that caught me off guard I didnt fold the top and the bottom of the crust good enough so the juices spilled out causing smoke lol but that did not effect the taste. I now know what not to do next time when it comes to closing the pie.


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