My Saving's my Way

Monday, October 31, 2011

Mail Call

Today's Mail Call included. Splenda sample's and coupons, turkey hill coupon's, as well and a sample of disney vitamin's that had a $2 coupon with it :) other then that it has been slow around here. got out p&g coupon's on sunday..


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mail Call

Just got the mail delivered to my door lol (if you know my house the mail box is at the road and unless there is a package the mail man never brings it to the door cause the driveway is long). Today's mail included Maybeline mascara i ordered from target the other day for 6cent's, yup just paid the tax on it after a discount code woohoo. Also delivered today was a sample of downy unstopables, im curious to try that out.


Dollar General

head on down to dollar general to find some great deal's, but once they are gone they are gone. They are offering all summer item's on clearance for 10cents. I went to my local DG got a few decoration's since they didn't have much left, but i have seen some people from other area's score sun screen and stuff for this price, so you never know what you will find I think it's worth taking a look. :)


Friday, October 7, 2011

Few Things One Post

So I like the way my hair came out. Black is a new color for me, odd I havent done it yet seeing as I have tryed all the color's it seem's, even some funky ones like blue haha. But I really enjoy the black other then having some dye on my face lmao and probably my neck as well but I cant see that...

Also while at Walmart yesterday I looked for the all you magazine and realized the girlscout fundraiser price is great seeing as to buy it at the store it's a little over $2 an issue, then its $20 ish to get a subscription threw their website for one year.. so im excited about this a good deal on a magazine that will get me more good deals due to coupon's lol


Thursday, October 6, 2011

walmart trip

Got a few thing's for free today here they are

the herbal essence hair dye (currrently dyeing my hair black as i type lol)
dove travel size
axe travel size
and 2 reach toothbrushes from a coupon i printed from walmart for designing a toothbrush contest for doing so you got a $2 off coupon and i found a 2 pack on clearance,

that was it for the freebies but i got a great deal on catfood with coupons and a few other things needed for the house. no hassle over coupons at all so it was a good trip


New Giant Eagle Policy Start's 10/6/11

found this online and wanted to pass it on. These changes might be huge to some people, but I know me personally they dont change much for me and the way I shop at the store. Here it is,

eOffers and manufacturer’s coupons will no longer be able to be combined.
This policy change will cut down on the Proctor and Gamble deals. Make sure that you remove the eOffers from your card after Thursday if you have a higher value manufacturer coupon. If eOffers are on your card, they will be applied first even if you have a higher value manufacturer coupon in your hand.

A maximum of two like internet printed coupons will be accepted.
Most sites only allow 2 prints of each coupon per computer so this is not a big deal for those people that only use 2 printed coupons. Those people that have multiple computers will have an issue with this max being placed on them.

The maximum of 12 like manufacturer coupons per shopping trip will no longer be per shopping trip.
The limit will be applied over a 24 hour period and will be tracked via your Giant Eagle Advantage card.

going to walmart today

im heading out to walmart today to get a few things since I have to go out that way anyway. going to see if I can get the free hair dye there, as well as some travel size items free :) hopefully this goes well. I am bringing my copy of the coupon policy with me since allot of the times there I get hassle with the cashiers when its not due. also going to bring my binder just incase there is a good clearance deal as walmart usualy has... Tho its a pretty simple policy compared to the stores im used to its the only store I seem to get hassle at most often, but im ready for it lol.. Will post my score when I get back wont be untill later on today tho.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rite Aid

SO I think I did pretty good today. I spent about $19 and some change but I got a few thing's I didnt plan on getting that I wanted. I SHOULD HAVE SPENT $59.84. Thanks to +up reward's and coupon's I got a great deal today.

transaction 1
4 covergirl face make up item's
1 cover girl eyeliner
1 scope mouthwash
spent $17and some change

transaction 2
2 dove conditioners
1 suave conditioner
1 suave shampoo
1 dove body wash
1 dove deoderant
spent oop .77 cents

transaction 3
2 resuable bags (cute ones lol)
2 candys for the kids
spent oop .74 cent's

and I still left with a $2.50 + up to use next time.


Monday, October 3, 2011


ugh no wonder I take a few day's to plan a shopping trip. Im constantly changing it to get the best bang for my buck on item's i need... So I started planning my wed. rite aid trip and i think i have the best possible outcome planned for the item's i want to get. here is the list so far

Transaction one will be
$30 worth of cover girl make up (included in the p&g spend 30 get $10 up)
1 scope blast mouth wash.
should spend $16.50 out of pocket, and get $12.50 back in +up's to use on transaction 2.

Transaction 2
1 dove deoderant
1 dove shampoo
1 dove conditioner
1 dove body wash
1 oral b 3d white battery operated toothbrush.
should spend .97 oop .
will get back $5 up from the dove offer, then a $2.99 single check rebate on the toothbrush.

This will be my first time getting the single check rebate so im interested in seeing how that works out for me. toothbrush is free after that so it caught my attention haha.

Hopefully i planned this correctly lol.



My daughter is selling magazines for girls scouts. and I can email the information to order if anyone is interested. I have noticed a ton of amazing deal's on magazines. But my FAV one is the 2 year's of All You for $30. If you do not know All You is known for coupon's. So I wanted to post this for my friend's who read my blog since I am no longer using facebook to get ahold of you that way. You can order the mag's online and they mail to you directly since its a subscription and your purchase will also help support the girl scout's... (local friend's if your interested we are selling nuts/candies as well but that is local only since we collect the money and deliver them). These are running threw till october 16th. If your interested get ahold of me I will email you the mag thing direct threw the girl scout site..

Yes I will be ordering the All You for myself especially since I can not buy it locally since only walmart sells it and I never get there often and when im there i forget to pick it up... but with this subscription I will save a ton compared to buying it at the store as well as saving on gas of going to get it since its a 15 minute ride to walmart for me..


Saturday, October 1, 2011

cleaned out the coupon binder

so I slacked on taking out old coupons since I have been getting papers with no coupons grrrrr. but I cleaned it out and clipped some I had sitting here waiting. in doing this
I found 12 more coupon's for reach toothbrushes 6 kids 6 regular.. So right now im planning a trip down to the store to get more since they are free but I personally dont need more for my stock (unless they have girly kid ones) so im going to give them to people I know who need item's, and if they dont need them probably donate them to a church or some other organization who could find a needing family for those things.