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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Use

SO since joining a forum to talk with other couponers, I have given buying trial sizes out on my trip to walmart yesterday. i only got 2 things so not allot to post pictures. most of the trial/travel things were out of stock lol. but I figure this is a great way to use the coupon's i would likely not use due to not so amazing prices on regular size. so i got some toothpaste and a mens deoderant for free plus .03 cents overage. those $1.oo off coupon's are handy. These trial item's will be great for vacation, nights away from home and so on. So they will be used :D . Also great for putting deoderant in your purse for just incase lol... only thing i got with out coupons was the pool care items i needed. then i found some finish quantum on clearance so got that for $2 with coupons normally pretty pricy i think. got some sponges they were .88 each got 2 used $1.00 off coupon probably could have waited and got a better deal but i needed them asap lol.

I wish my local grocery store had trial section that would help allot but i dont mind planning a once a month walmart trip. Might even test out their price matching see how well that goes..

If anyone is wondering the cashier i got this time was AMAZING i did 2 transactions one was cash for food my dad wanted she asked if i was using coupons for that since she saw my stack for the next purchase i said no so we rang that up then did my coupon order. It wasnt a huge order but she was happy to ring coupons, even put one in manually since i got the items needed but the coupon didnt scan everything matched what i bought and exp.s were good to go.


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