My Saving's my Way

Monday, October 3, 2011


My daughter is selling magazines for girls scouts. and I can email the information to order if anyone is interested. I have noticed a ton of amazing deal's on magazines. But my FAV one is the 2 year's of All You for $30. If you do not know All You is known for coupon's. So I wanted to post this for my friend's who read my blog since I am no longer using facebook to get ahold of you that way. You can order the mag's online and they mail to you directly since its a subscription and your purchase will also help support the girl scout's... (local friend's if your interested we are selling nuts/candies as well but that is local only since we collect the money and deliver them). These are running threw till october 16th. If your interested get ahold of me I will email you the mag thing direct threw the girl scout site..

Yes I will be ordering the All You for myself especially since I can not buy it locally since only walmart sells it and I never get there often and when im there i forget to pick it up... but with this subscription I will save a ton compared to buying it at the store as well as saving on gas of going to get it since its a 15 minute ride to walmart for me..


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