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Friday, October 17, 2008

Spider Time

Now Its time to try the spider. this is great because theres a few diffrent things you can use to stuff it. if you get a ton of leaves in your yard you could use those if not old newspapers work great as well as stuffing. this also looks great hanging with the legs proped up outside we set ours up inside.

You will need

4 garbage bags. twist ties (optional). stuffing (paper or leaves). white paper for eyes and mouth and sizors and a glue gun (or tape)

so stuff one bag with allot of stuffing still leaving room to attach the head. fill the another bag halfway this one will be the head. now tie the head and body together with twistties or tie them to eachother. take the other 2 bags and cut 2 times long ways down the middle making 2 legs perbag from each bag then you can pick the how wide you want the legs to be. take those legs and tie 2 to the back courners of the body part of the bag than tie the other 2 to the front of the bag. with your paper make eyes and a mouth i used a glue gun to stick mine on but you could use something else. and your all set with your spider
to make it look even more like a spider on each leg in the middle tie a string (fishing string will work) and tape or hook it up above the body on the celing so that it arches the middle of the leg like a real spiders legs. i didnt have the string so we didnt do it with our's pictured below

Head and Body Connected
Back view were i tied the legs on
Face (ours looks sad lol)


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