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Monday, October 27, 2008

Rain Noise Maker

It's Time for another project me and the kiddo's made the other day, we saw this one on tv.

You Will Need
The roll from a paper towel roll, paper, tape, aluminum foil, rice , tape (any kind we used ducktape since it holds better and my kids played with theres ruff so it held it together better)

First grab a and cut a part of the paper and tape it on one end of the roll to hold in the items we will be placing in. next grab that peice of foil and kinda squish it (see pictures) than place it inside the roll. add the rice inside as well. take some paper on the other end of the roll and flip it over and you will hear the noises. everytime you flip it you will hear it.
Decorate your's by letting the kids color on it or add stickers.


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